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I only ever read my rising sign for Susan Miller as her readings only then show an accurate or near placement of transiting planets in the natal chart. She is very brave. Susan just has outstanding writing skill that covers up her inaccurate sun sign horoscope. A Pisces born on March 7 is among the most creative of the year. They are true visionaries.

Although they may appear malleable, they have an ability to subjugate their ego to comprehend reality.

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They are empathetic. Their sensitivity can transcend relationships of all types and definition. Friends and Lovers Friends are indispensable to March 7 people. They collect friends the way other people collect art. In romance, they are not fickle. They often seek impossible love situations, realizing that they can learn more through suffering. They are likely to fall in love with love.

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Children and Family Those born on this date have strong ties to their background. Even if they transcend their beginnings, they are still bound to their childhood years. They make good parents. Their nurturing skills are based upon instinct. Health They may enjoy swimming or golf, but these people have difficulty remaining on a daily workout. They rely too heavily on medication. This can affect them negatively, since they have a sensitivity to drugs of any kind. The same goes for alcohol and nicotine. Career and Finances Because March 7 people love antiques and beautiful things, they seek careers in well-paying fields.

They may have little sense of responsibility about money. Dreams and Goals People born on this date need to experience life through the prism of their creativity. The insights they gain may not always be immediately recognizable, even to them, yet in time they come to know their value. They do not need to receive worldly rewards to feel their efforts have been successful.

Jamie, I love your astrology so much. Last year was rough and you made it much easier to navigate with all those tough astrological patterns. Thank you!

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Astrology Zone. @astrologyzone · @astrologyzone I just finished Sagittarius, and if you are a Sag, you will be celebrating after you read December. It's a month. Read the latest in astrological trends by Susan Miller. Your life in 3D: culture, style, romance, money, real estate and so much more!

Thank you so much Jane for your kind words. Marian: I have a question my birthdate is Feb 19 1;o5 am born in Montreal quebec. Also recently I was told there would be a hint of money coming in. When or where will this happen they say my finances will improvwe and things will get better in my life. See your Scorpio decan 1 horoscope.

Marian My date of birth is feb 19 1 o5 am I am pisces aquarius born on the cusp and I have scorpio rising with the moon in cancer, Is there any hint of money or inheritance coming to me. See you Pisces decan 1 horoscope. Could you please help to know when will I conceive and will have a good career as recently we have moved to Canada. Thanks Shilp. My birthday is 26 december , i guess i was born at 7am. I just dont know the exact time sorry. Can you just tell me when I will be able to have a good career.

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Pluto conjunct Mars transit Feb to Dec because you have Mars sextile Saturn in your birth chart. Is Mars sextile Saturn good or bad for my career? I am doing doctor degree and i am not very sure about how will my future be. Is doctorate degree better for my future? Thankyou so much.. Is there anything else i can know about my future?

I snapped a photo for you!

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SusanMiller AstrologyZone. Dallas FtWorth Save date! I will be in your city on Saturday January 4, Doors open 10 AM.

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Great holiday gift! This is a big month because Jupiter planet of good fortune, will move into Capricorn today, Dec 2, or the first time in 12 years.

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It will remain in that sign until Dec 19, , a year from now. This means each sign will get benefits from a different part of life from now on. Event is free, limited space. I just wired Scorpio to my editor, so I have four more signs to write. I am blown away by how magical December will be for every sign.

This will be a not-to-be-missed report for you, dear reader, no matter what your sign happens to be. The first Thanksgiving took place in Plymouth with the Pilgrims and natives. I am thankful for my children, baby Otis, for growing up in NYC, and to YOU, dear reader, for your ever-kindness to me throughout the years. Happy Thanksgiving. We went on press yesterday for my calendar that I wrote. So exciting! Next week goes to bindery and then in your hands!

I finished Cancer's outlook for December last night, which I took 9 hours to write. You should love December, dear Cancer--it is filled with jewel-like days. There'll be a big emphasis on your close relationship in love or business.

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No matter what occurs, the planets will be your buddies. I wired my Gemini report last night. We've such a remarkable December coming up that you may not believe it when you read it.