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As the Taurus Horse loves their family home so much, it can take a considerable time before they contemplate settling down with a partner.

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Personal relationships are one area in their life where their moderate approach does not seem to have such an effect. They do not find expressing emotions easy, and so seek soulmates who are patient and easy to communicate with. A Taurus Horse will generally only open up to those who he or she knows well and trusts implicitly. Once they do reveal their inner feelings these personalities are very loving and surprisingly passionate. Amid his tendency to be a little undemonstrative, the Taurus Horse may have another weakness to his personality. This is the inclination to be obstinate, but not all Taurus Horses are prone to this. If this negative trait is present, it can sometimes appear at times when these people are angry, upset, afraid, tired or stressed. This proneness to be extremely stubborn at times is possibly the influence of the strong determination from both strong animal presences in this particular astrology combination.

Its appearance is for the most part infrequent and short-lived. The Moderate Taurus Horse Personality Chinese Astrology describes the character of the Horse as one of reliability, intelligence, adaptability and loyalty. Comments: Taurus Horse Personality. Homer Yep this is accurate! Vic I agree with this Horoscope quite accurate, I might say I Colin I appear true to type. Rae My daughter is a Taurus Horse and this does describe her well only the obstinate streak has always been prominent in her and still is.

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He is very loving--NOW. However, they can lose interest in a person, place or thing quite quickly once they feel bored or as if they have conquered that situation. In love, tiger needs to seduce others. As with all cats, tigers know that there are rules to the game of winning someone's affections and try to win at all cost.

They are not opposed to battling for the affection of a loved one. Tigers love to seduce their mate into submission. While tigers may seem all game, there is an emotional side. They are often sensitive and moody. On the surface, the match between tiger and horse seems doomed. After all, both signs are prone to boredom and seduction.

However, the match is actually quite solid for both signs. Each sign has ambition and a generally bright view on life. The combination adds up to two partners with similar life interests. When tiger and horse have the same social interests, the match is made even stronger.

One issue for the two signs is independence.

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Tiger and Horse both feel that they need a certain level of independence to be happy. As friends, the Horse and Tiger have tons of fun. These two make ideal travel companions, and will probably enjoy going to far-flung places that involve an element of danger. Since both signs love their freedom, they may want to keep separate hotel rooms, just so they can maintain a comfortable distance. The Horse kicks and bucks, while the Tiger snarls and claws. Strangely, most of their fights end in raucous laughter. Neither one of these signs can hold a grudge for long.

Sexually, the Horse and Tiger are well matched. Loving your Chinese compatibility? The Horse and Rabbit make a strange union of opposites. When it comes to forming a friendship, the Horse and Rabbit do better. The ambitious Horse pushes the Rabbit to develop their creative talents, while the tasteful Rabbit helps the Horse tone down their act. Neither is very responsible as far as money is concerned, so joint business ventures should be avoided.

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The impulsive Horse terrifies the shy Rabbit. While the former wants to hurry up and get naked, the latter wants to wait until marriage. If these two do manage to pair up, it will be because the compassionate Rabbit seeks to bridge the gap between their sexual styles. The Rabbit proves to be the refreshing exception to this rule.

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Instant chemistry draws the Horse and Dragon together. Both signs are considered remarkably lucky, and they will indeed feel fortunate to have met. The Horse and Dragon do everything in their power to savor their experience here on Earth. Although the Horse is a hard worker, this sign is willing to scale back its schedule to spend more time with the Dragon. Granted, power struggles will occur in this relationship frequently. The Horse hates being told what to do, especially by a domineering character like the Dragon.

Meanwhile, the Dragon knows that the Horse is one of the few friends capable of tackling complicated jobs.

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If the Dragon understands that the Horse is free of malice, these two can enjoy a friendship that lasts a lifetime. Sexually, the Horse and Dragon get along extremely well.

The Horse and Snake have a complicated relationship. The forthright Horse finds the mysterious Snake a real challenge.

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The Horse hates to stay in one place for long, whereas the Snake loves to curl up at home. As friends, these two could have lots of fun goofing off together. The Horse loves to jump from one hobby to another, and the Snake is willing to slither along. Although the Horse works hard, this sign also knows how to play hard. The leisurely Snake is more than happy to accompany the Horse on its latest adventure, provided they return home at a decent hour.

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These two should never borrow nor lend money, as their attitudes toward finances are completely different. The Horse keeps track of every penny, while the Snake takes a more lackadaisical view toward funds. With regard to sex, the Horse and Snake face a few challenges.

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Horse Man in Chinese Zodiac: Ancient Secrets for Modern Life. Personality & Characteristics & Traits, Love & Relationship. Chinese Horse Man in Love - Personality Traits and Characteristics of Astrology Regarding your Life. Relationships Compatibility for Zodiac Signs.

Neither of them is particularly loyal, which is fine if they agree to an open relationship. Two Horses feel an immediate connection that is hard to break. When two Horses get together, the jokes and laughter flow more like foaming beer than fine wine. Together, these two can move mountains through the power of positive thinking.