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Capricorn And Pisces

He adored me but somehow it felt unreal, like he was adoring an ideal, not the real me. And he was too moody for me.

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But what a sweetie! And my Pisces guy was clingy.. Not something someone with Moon conj. Uranus appreciates!

Libra And Pisces Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

Jan 29, Linda Goodman explains Love Compatibility between Sun signs of Pisces Pisces men, women, and children are always being overlooked by. May 6, The Pisces Man from Book Linda Goodman's Sunsign where she explains all the Signs in detail like Man, Woman, Child, Boss and employee.

One day he was bugging the heck out of me when I was trying to bake a large fish. He kept hassling me, trying to tickle me, etc. I picked up that very large fish by the tail and slapped my Pisces guy in the face with it! He is the best thing that ever happened to me.

I am so glad I stayed with him! He knows many people and is well liked. He will help anyone, the classic Pisces giving the shirt off his back! Good thing he has me around to tell him to put it back on. He does have 4 planets in Aquarius. I call him my savvy husband!

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By: Donna Cunningham on February 13, at am. Timely for me. And the man who seems to be around more and more is a Pisces with a Sag Mars. Not yet at stage of knowing whether anything will come of it. Why does Aquarius always get such a bad rap.

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Take him to an abbatoir? With 4 planets in Aquarius, including Sun and Moon, I find the idea of visiting one repulsive! By: Richard on October 3, at am. But since I do…and for whatever reason they always end up hiding something which I later find out. And then my Aries moon paired with my scorpio sun and Leo mars gets mad and I cut ties. Holy god I am a pisces worst nightmare. By: Donna Cunningham on January 14, at am.

Yes its pretty maddening. One Pisces would talk about me behind my back all the time…not bad things.

Wonderful things lol. But he would never tell me up front, always dodged actually expressing himself. He had an open relationship with someone in school so I cut ties with him. A few months later I heard from my friends that before I cut ties he had decided that he was leaving his girlfriend for me. At least not anymore. I understand that the whole thing was based on the fact that he has a serious fear of confrontation.

I reached out to him at some point because he was also a good friend of mine before the craziness but he never answered. Maybe its better to not risk the whole thing happening again. I wish him the best. I am a Pisces sun and jupiter and my husband to whom I am married for 15 years is a sun mercury venus Virgo. My first boyfriend was a Virgo, some of my best friends were Virgos and also some of the journalists and public figures I most admire.

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This is not just about friendships or in-lows, far from it. We discuss a lot, but things would be boring otherwise. In general I observed that people with whom I have some real difficulties are not those opposing my planets, but those putting Saturn on my Sun or having their Sun on my Saturn. I would like to give an opinion about virgo and pisces I am a pisces scorpio moon and I adore virgo-folk. I could see how a less developed fish would hate virgos but really, they are the most intelligent and understanding of all signs, imo.

Pisces And Pisces Compatibility From Linda Goodman’s Love Signs

They we can sit in silence without awkwardness or agitation. Our styles of humor the ones Ive had the pleasure to know are similar and we love to be silly and live in the moment, at least on a surface level. We seem to keep our true emotions to ourselves and if need be we both signs will discuss any problems we cant deal with on our own.

Pisces Woman Pisces Man Compatibility

Pisces can obsess over internal issues but virgos definitely have us beat because they first think of everyone else and then themselves. For some, you would never want to tell a virgo they were right all along, but really.. They always are.

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I would think Scorpios are usually always right too but virgos arent as painfully proud when saying i told you so. Theres always a little sting, whereas virgos will be humble in their approach and ease your pain. They really are a joy to be around, even with their sarcasm. Virgos will make you think and sometimes will poke at you if you dont know as much as them but they wont be mean about it unless YOU give them a reason to be.

Virgo can but doesnt understand why a pisces will endure the things they do when they both know its bad for pisces.

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I think virgos are the first to tire in any relationship because of their logic but if the fish is developed Virgo will find their fishes traits endearing. It can be beautiful in any match, pisces just has to be mature and realise their fantasies arent a safehaven. Its a personal hell in which we escape because we should be making those desires real, if its actually possible. One thing I really love about virgos is that they understand the need for silence and personal space. The only thing is that if you never let them in they will detatch slowly. As any person would but they wont pry and force a conversation.

They always think of the other person first and I believe more people should be like them. I like Virgos too. My best friend at school was a Virgo. But she was also genuinely kind, sensitive, loyal and never had a bad word to say about anyone. She was funny and a bit silly too.

The Pisces Man, Pisces the Fish by Linda Goodman

Originally posted by tragica. Sometimes a woman will avoid her ex as a way of testing him to see what kind of a man he has become since the break up. I know some of you don't believe in astrology but I do consider some parts of it to help me understand my partner. Because she needs to be needed, she finds herself attracted to emotionally handicapped men who she can mother and envelop with compassionate care. Virgos will make you think and sometimes will poke at you if you dont know as much as them but they wont be mean about it unless YOU give them a reason to be. Share this: Twitter Facebook. Forgot password?

One day at a time. Perhaps a Leo.